Perhaps you’re in the throes of wedding planning and you’ve just hired a DJ for your reception. You might be thinking ‘hey, I have my favorite songs picked out, why not just have the DJ hit play for the ceremony as well’? Before you make your final decision, here are four very important reasons to consider live musicians to perform for your wedding.

Energy – There is something about the energy of live, acoustic instruments that just can’t be duplicated. Think about a harp, a cello, or a grand piano. These instruments have been finely honed over hundreds years to resonate and fill enormous concert halls…with no amplification! There is a warmth, resonance and je ne sais quoi that comes from live acoustic instruments that you definitely feel. Live music can really set the tone to prepare you and your guests for the most important commitment you will ever make. You can listen to your favorite song in stereo any day of the week, but your wedding day is different. It’s incredibly special, and your music should be as well.

Flexibility – I get a lot of questions from couples about timing their walk down the aisle. This is nearly impossible and completely unnecessary when you hire live musicians! We watch each person walk down the aisle as we play and we have so many musical tricks up our sleeves to perfectly time the music to the flow of each person’s walk. We can repeat parts of the song, subtly alter the tempo, skip to your favorite part of the song, and end the song cleanly and beautifully whenever you happen to reach the end of the aisle so that there is no abrupt ending.

Compromise – Let’s face it – planning a wedding (and a marriage for that matter) is all about successful compromises and hiring live instrumentalists is a great way to settle disputes about music. Let’s say that your fiance LOVES Metallica, but your mother is less than thrilled about the idea of Metallica playing at your wedding ceremony. Now imagine a string quartet playing “One” or “Nothing Else Matters.” A new elegance is brought to a song that’s important to your fiance, making it appropriate for perhaps the most formal and important day of your life. Your mother feels respected and your fiance is happy to have a song that reflects his taste in music. Everybody wins! We love performing covers of pop songs because acoustic instruments can bring out new nuances, colors, and textures to a song that you may not hear in the original recording.

Interactive Entertainment – When music is played over a loudspeaker at a party, it’s just background. When you have live musicians performing, the music becomes an interactive entertainment feature for your guests. During cocktail hours, we love to read the crowd and choose songs to match the energy of the room. Guests love coming over to watch the musicians and request songs!