Ceremony Music – Consider Your Venue

There is so much great music out there that you may be feeling overwhelmed by the task of choosing just a few pieces for your wedding ceremony. Your venue has a huge impact on how live music will sound, so here are a few tips for creating the perfect ambiance at your wedding.

Venue size –¬†When selecting music for your wedding ceremony, it’s important that the ensemble size and instrumentation are appropriate for your venue. You want to make sure that you and your guests can comfortably hear the music. Is your wedding taking place in a large, beautiful cathedral? Make the most of your acoustics! A solo acoustic guitarist may sound thin, but a string quintet and soprano would be magnificent. Are you having an intimate ceremony for 20 family members? A small orchestra would overwhelm your guests, but a solo cellist would be the perfect touch.

Indoor vs. Outdoor – Be sure to let your music coordinator know if your wedding ceremony will take place indoors or outdoors. Some outdoor settings may require amplification depending on the elements. If there is a beautiful waterfall or fountain nearby, let us know so that we can bring appropriate amplification. We want you and your guests to hear the music we’re playing! Many instruments, especially strings, need to be in a shaded area to prevent sun damage to the wood. The temperature and humidity level also effect whether or not delicate instruments will stay in tune outdoors.

Venue style – This is one that many people don’t consider. If you’re having a traditional ceremony in a religious setting, you may want to stick with classical and religious selections. Save your favorite Bruno Mars song for the cocktail hour. We are happy to play it then! Some churches require approval of music selections, especially if your ceremony includes a mass or communion service. Be sure to discuss this with your officiant. If you’re having a rustic barn wedding, you may opt for an Irish fiddler or a bluegrass trio. You have probably spent a lot of time choosing the perfect colors and flowers for your venue and wedding style. Your music should also reflect that style. This will tie all of the design elements together and give your event a beautifully cohesive flow.

A great music coordinator will take all of these issues into consideration and help you choose the perfect ensemble and music selections for your wedding. If you hire top notch musicians, you have nothing to worry about. Please tell us everything you can about your event! The more information you give about your venue, the better we can customize a group that is just right for your ceremony. Here at Trouvere we will make sure that all of your questions are answered and the music you hear on your big day is just as beautiful as you always imagined.